Our Company

Reliability, robustness and perfomance.

About us;

IBETOR is a Spanish company, focused on Satellite and Wireless Communications.
- High performance satcom terminals, compliant with strict military requirements.
- Point-to-multipoint RF technology, based on an open DOCSIS architecture.
- Highly accurate navigation and positioning technology

IBETOR was founded in 2009, based on a strong team with top expertise.Our engineers have been involved in state-of-the-art SATCOM and telecom initiatives since 1995.

Our client base includes military and civil organizations worldwide.
We have developed solid partnerships with sector leaders (Everis, Telefónica, ThinKom...) to provide turn-key solutions to our clients with a strong focus on R&D, IBETOR develops its own technology, providing tailor-made solutions to specific client requirements. WE HELP OUR CLIENTS COMMUNICATE IN THE MOST ADVERSE AND DEMANDING SCENARIOS