Ib-Pack Lite

Ib Pack Lite: Ultra-light.

Ultra-light: Low weight, integrated and portable.

When long distances have to be walked while carrying the equipment, the weight becomes a key factor. IBETOR has worked to create a lite version of its Ib-Pack, trying to optimize the size and weight of the complete system. The total weight of the terminal (depending on configuration) is around 8 Kg.

It consists of a lighter version of the 1 panel Ib-Pack, where the battery and power system have been extracted. As well, some of the devices have been simplified, so the main features keep working with the same performance, but they require an external DC power supply. The external power system (AC/DC Converter, battery and other power drivers) can be carried as a different case: Ib-Power, which has an additional weight of 4 Kg. This way, the whole autonomous and operative solution can be carried by two soldiers during long marches.

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