Integrated Ib-SOTM

Integrated Ib-SOTM: Inside the radome.

The integrated SOTM is an enhanced version of the Ib-SOTM, where absolutely everything is integrated on the rooftop, below the radome (ACU, MCU, 2 L-Band modems, INS, etc...). This way, there is no space required inside the vehicle for the SOTM System; it is only necessary to connect a DC Power Supply and an Ethernet cable to the terminal. It is designed to be reliable on the battlefield and compliant with the applicable Military Standards for environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, solar radiation, shocks, vibrations, etc...), electromagnetic interference and compatibility (EMI/EMC) and radiation patterns.

It is also a more cost-efficient unit, as there are some items that have been removed (rotary joints, cabling, etc..).

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