Ku-band Sat-On-The-Move

ThinSAT®300 is an thinKom's affordable, low-profile (11cm), high data rate highly efficient (no spreading required) and rugged vehicle roof-mounted KuBand Satellite-On-The-Move product provides continuous broad-band connectivity (voice, video and data) at highway speeds without antenna deployment delays anywhere.

The thinSAT®300 automatically acquires and tracks the desired satellite using open-loop and closed-loop tracking algorithms and interfaces to the users modem installed in the vehicle. Networking equipment can be added to create a "standard" 88cm x 36cm parabolic-equivalent mobile "big pipe" WIFI access point in-vehicle or 100's of feet around the vehicle...

The thinSAT®300 is ideal for all mobile applications including transportation, satellite news gathering, enterprise (petroleum, insurance), and federal, state, and local emergency response teams that need to stay in constant communications without interruption and On-the-Move.

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