Ib-Pack 200X

Portable terminals.

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Ib-Pack 100X

We have the version with a single panel.

Ib-Pack 200X

Totally integrated and operative;

- Double panel antenna (version with a single panel also available: Ib-Pack 100X).
- Complete RX and TX (with 6W BUC).
- Base Band: Modem and Switch.
- Autonomous: includes internal battery.
- Multiple choice for power supply.
- Portable.
- Reduced dimensions.

Physical characteristics;

- Portable, compact and light equipment (50x45x30cm).
- 2 panel antenna 20 Kg, 1 panel antenna 18 Kg
- Integrates baseband equipment, high-performance flat antenna and batteries resulting in an easily portable terminal.
- Power supply: 100' autonomy with internal battery.
- Accessories: Solar panel, 24VDC, 100-240 VAC.
- Set-up in less than 1' (no cable connections).
- Friendly graphic interface, satellite pointing aid and minimum training requirements.
- Military specifications compliant.Maximum reliability (MIL STD-810F, Mil STD 461-E).

RF Characteristics :

- X-band.Up to 1,3Mbps.
- G/T:8-8,5dB/K.
- EIRP: 35,5-36dBW (Ka-band available).

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