Ib-Pack OTM

Mobile Terminals.

Ib-Pack OTM

Polyvalent terminal in X-Band

On-the-Move functionality.
- Automatically deployable terminal..
- 2 axis for auto deployment: requires 2 cases for transport..
- 1 axis for semiautomatic deployment: 1 case for transport.

It includes:

- - INS with magnetometers, accelerometers and gyroscope
- Compact modem (Paradise, iDirect, ...)
- ACU with integrated beacon receiver and Rx y TX chains.

RF characteristics:

- X-Band. Ka-band available 2015.
- Up to 700kbps at beam center. (6W BUC)
- Circular Polarization: RHCP/LHCP. Manually easily interchangeable.

For transportable configurations (static usage):

Semi-automatic alignment (removable and self-contained in the suitcase).
- Friendly graphic interface for satellite alignment. Minimum training requirements.
- 25W and 40W available.
- Without battery: Ib-Pack or 24VDC required.