Physical characteristics;

- Mountable on all kind of vehicles (land, sea, air).
- Ensures vehicle low profile and aerodynamics, radically reducing vulnerability.
- Harsh environmental conditions (MIL-STD-810F).
- Highly resistant radome and transparent to the X-Band.

High pointing accuracy;

- Acquires and tracks the satellite with the vehicle in motion in all roads
- Churchville B tested.
- Instantaneous reacquisition (open and closed loop algorithms).
- INS: Detects motion of the vehicle (any attitude).
- FOG gyroscopes, dual GPS + magnetometer.
- ACU with beacon receiver. Samples INS at 1KHz.
- Motors: acceleracion (1000degrees/s2) and speed (400degrees/s).

RF characteristics

- X-Band.Up to 8 Mbps at beam center.
- G/T: 7,5-8 dB/K.
- EIRP: 45dBW (with 80W BUC).
- Certified for the Spainsat/XTAR constellation
- Equivalent to a 45-70cm diameter parabolic solution.

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