Inside the radome.

Integrated System.

All subsystems are integrated below radome.
- TX and RX chains, modems, INS, ACU, MCU.
- Less wiring: very simple installation and change over other vehicle.
- Weight of all system:50-60Kg (approx.)
- Highly resistant radome and transparent to the X-Band
- Optional Mobile Radome: radome covers the yoke and the antenna and rotates jointly. Saves space when the equipment are off.

Similar features as the Ib-SOTM;

- X-band with 500MHz of instantaneous frequency.
- Low profile: 20cm high.
- RF Parameters in X-band:
G/T: 7-7,5 dB/K
EIRP: 42dBW (with 40W BUC)
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