Satellite 2014

IBETOR , the company partially owned by Aerospace and Defense EVERIS , specializing in the production of wireless and satellite systems, will display its latest mobile terminal, SOTM Ib-100x , the fair Satellite 2014 in Washington held until 13 March.

Ib-100x SOTM is specifically designed for communications on the move in an efficient and high performance, even in the roughest terrain. Its low profile ensures that the terminal is discrete and streamlined, which increases vehicle safety and personal communication.

The terminal incorporates an antenna control unit (ACU) developed by IBETOR and a precise inertial navigation system (INS), which allow the terminal is constantly aligned with the satellite. The terminal supports X-band, and soon in other frequency bands. Moreover, it is capable of running most modems suppliers can interoperate with all networks and teleports authorized.

Ib-SOTM 100x is extremely accurate. Has a lower error pointing to 0.3 ° and, moreover, is able to instantaneously reacquire the signal. As often military vehicles can take action at any time, the terminal is very easy to install or change to a different vehicle.

"We understand that many of our military customers face a number of unique challenges," says Luis Villa , president of IBETOR. "We believe this terminal will be very valuable for its ability to ensure reliable communications and high performance in this area."

IBETOR also show Ib-Pack, a terminal in X-band transportable and fully integrated into a single suitcase. Enables rapid deployment and thanks to its simple use graphical interface, you can set a satellite high speed in less than two minutes, with minimal training. The Ib-Pack Lite terminal has similar characteristics but the weight of the terminal remains below ten kilos, which allows it to be easily transported by one person. At the booth of IBETOR also demonstrate the capabilities of the Ib-NS, a platform that allows both accurate positioning and navigation, even when the wireless signals are blocked.

IBETOR will be exhibiting on booth #2075 at Satellite 2014 from 11th – 13th March.


IBETOR is a Spanish company owned by the Aerospace and Defense Group EVERIS focused on wireless and satellite communications. SatCom IBETOR provides high throughput terminals which meet stringent military requirements, and having navigation technology and very precise positioning, in addition to point-RF technology based multi-point open architecture.

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